About Us


A „Teljes Életért” Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. „Teljes Életért” Nonprofit Ltd entered the Hungarian market as a fully Hungarian-owned company to provide employment opportunities for disabled people achieving work rehabilitation as a part of the rehabilitation processes. Its purpose is to acquire work experience and to regain the ability to work, which is an integral part of complex rehabilitation.

Our company and its legal predecessor have been active in this segment since 1997, during this time we have implemented the work rehabilitation of many of our companions. By our determination, we are trying to alleviate the labour market problems of people with health disability in Jász Nagykun Szolnok county. Today we have nearly 1000 employees in the county.

Our main goal is to provide adequate working conditions for disabled people and provide employment opportunities, which will enable people with disabilities to be employed usefully. We help to achieve the rehabilitation and habilitation of workers, which provides an opportunity for them to return to the open labour market and to maintain and improve their health. We undertake wage work for many large foreign/domestic companies.

The protected employment provided by us affects nearly 600 people with disabilities. The number of our employees has increased from the initial 30 to 20 times. Most of the wage work we do based on long term cooperation.

We try to establish a good partnership with our customers by providing them high quality and accurate, flexible work.

There are several manual and machine-based activities, various packaging tasks, electronic assembly work, but we also carry out sewing and tailoring activities for the textile industry and automotive sector.



Rehabilitációs akkreditációs tanúsítvány