About Us

„Teljes Életért” Nonprofit Ltd. has appeared in the home market as a company owned by a Hungarian person in full in order to provide opportunity of work for disabled people who are, in other case, restricted to get a job in the labour market. Working activities are going on at twelve plants in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County at present and the number of employees can be put at around 1 000.

We provide professional courses continually for both our white collar and blue collar workers in order to have well-qualified people in our company’s service. In our system there are more highly qualified experts having come from the competition sphere. Our main aim is to provide appropriate working conditions for disabled people and offer such tasks, which make useful employment possible for handicapped people. Hereby we carry out not only rehabilitation employment but also we are able to produce competitive products and services through high-level work which meets the needs of the market.

The basis of our company’s strategy is to produce and sell our own products and to take commission work suiting our profile. Our background make it possible for us to sew sports wear, outerwear for women and men, swimsuits and seat covers for cars, to make up heavy textiles and to do all kind of manual work that suit the qualities of our employees. Besides we give important role to activities like precision mechanics, packaging and assembling. Our trustiness is proved by the long-term relationship built up with our partners.

In case our products or services in our brochure have aroused your interest, please feel free to contact us and our colleagues will be pleased to help you.