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Pro Wear:

Our company, „Teljes Életért” Nonprofit Ltd. appeared in the Hungarian textile market in 2004-2005 with its own men’s collection under Pro Wear brand name. Our aim is to satisfy our customers, for this reason we sell products fulfilling the highest qualitative demands.

The fabrics of our garments are produced by western European manufacturers (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) exclusively, which are chosen by our textile experts in exhibitions held in Paris and Milan twice a year. Our collections are made from natural fabrics of high quality and consist of pieces, which can be well varied with each other. We offer these collections mainly to managers between 30 – 50 years of age.

Our designer makes our collections according to his own ideas taking the latest fashion trends into consideration. The casual, elegant coats, trousers, bluzons and overcoats sewn in our sewing factory in Szolnok are always prepared as product families, every piece of which can be combined with each other as their fabrics, colors and fashion elements harmonizes. Our collections follow the latest European fashion tendencies.

Customers can meet Pro Wear products in every important men’s wear shop in more dozens Hungarian towns.

Our main aim is to build up a brand shop network in the country, starting from our brand shop in Szolnok, through which we can have continual contacts with our customers, we can follow and serve their demands.

We are looking for resellers from all parts of the country.

In case you need further information about our products, please click here or find us on our known contacts:







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