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Rehabilitation Partners

"Teljes Életért" Ltd., as employer, the ability of altered working abilities with the highest level of employment in order to achieve the accreditation requirements by offering the support services provided or offered to availability.

The North Great Plain Regional Labour Centre in 2007, signed a cooperation agreement, the Branch provides disabled persons the use of services for jobseekers.

The labor market support services in the context of labor market information facility (after prior appointment) employment counseling, career counseling, rehabilitation counseling grants employees, and training and psychological counseling for help.

The "Chance for Disadvantaged People" Foundation in 2009, renewed on a cooperation agreement providing human services to the workers' disposal. The human services cover everyday occurrence to remedy the problems, and life skills counseling, family care, social administration by providing help to the needy.

The Foundation staff demand job counseling, career counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and labor market information for

The service use to help the rehabilitation staff provide more information.


  • Salva Vita Foundation







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