Az életben a hátrányos helyzet csak akkor hátrány, ha annak fogod fel
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Services for employees

Rehabilitation Group

We help all of our employees in solving their problems:
- by providing support services indirectly
- by finding the right support services to them and
- by doing personalised rehabilitation plans with disabled employees.

Support services:
- Labour market service:
  o Labour market information
  o Job guidance
  o Career advice
  o Rehabilitation advice
  o Psychological advice

- Human services
  o Lifestyle guidance
  o Legal aid
  o Family care
  o Social administration

How to contact with support services:
- when doing personal rehabilitation plan
- contact details for rehabilitation group can be found in each plant.

Support Services Partners
According to cooperation agreement bound in 2007 with
- Észak - Alföldi Regional Labour Centre Szolnok Branch and Service Centre and
According to cooperation agreement renewed in 2009 with
- The Foundation “Esélyt a hátrányos helyzetű emberekért” (Chance for disadvantaged people)


Legal department

Our legal department help all of our employees. We are at their full disposal in any legal advice. Most of the questions are connected with inheritance law, family law, social law, bank and insurance and law enforcement.






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