Teljes Életért Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft.

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About us

„„Teljes Életért” Nonprofit Ltd. has appeared in the home market as an entirely Hungarian - owned company with the aim to provide opportunity of work for disabled people. The firm realises work rehabilitation this way that suits in rehabilitation process. Its aim is achieving working experience, regaining working ability again, which is organically connected to complex rehabilitation.

Our company and its predecessor in title have been working in this segment since 1997, during this period we carried out work rehabilitation for several fellow sufferers. We have decided to try to abate labour market problems in Jász – Nagykun – Szolnok County for people who live with deficiency but intend to work. By now the number of our employees can be put at around 1000 in this region.

Our main aim is to provide appropriate working conditions and opportunities for disabled people, which make useful employment possible for handicapped people. We help in achieving employees’ rehabilitation, habilitation that provide possibility for them to go back to open labour market and to sustain and improve their health condition.

The basis of our company’s strategy is to produce and sell our own products. We started producing and distributing our individually designed and marked men’s collection under the brand name Pro Wear in 2004.

Our activities include undertaking commission work, as well, such as sewing sports wear, outerwear and garments for women, and making precision mechanics, packaging and assembling tasks.

In case our brief information has aroused your interest, our colleagues will be at your disposal on phone numbers listed in ’Contact us’. They will give any information for our future employees, partners and enquirers about us.







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