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Munkaerő-piaci szolgáltatások

                                           Rehabilitation counseling
                                           Labor market services
What is the service for?
The service is designed to help people of working age not in employment, labor market integration of persons who are or altered working ability of the rehabilitation process, and contribute to the employers become more inclusive towards people suffered damage to health .
Who should attend ?
    - Who have been required and the labor market (re) integration into the mentoring service to rehabilitation counseling ,
    - Rehabilitation care , or disability benefit recipients,
    - Specialized schools , elementary school special education providers .
What is the content of the service ?
For the rehabilitation of mentoring is a complex service that is involved in the rehabilitation process , or changes in working capability to increase labor market opportunities , work into , work to promote inclusion or retention of their jobs to provide personalized assistance. Includes access to medical and social rehabilitation services to promote the well.
What activity is made up of the service ?
a) Providing information to the receiving rehabilitation services :
b) Personal assistance and cooperation in providing rehabilitation services providers , and other organizations to assist the rehabilitation , employers and individuals .
c) the implementation of the rehabilitation plan can monitor
personal support d) The client independent art work , position necessary to facilitate the
e) Contributing to the elimination of obstacles encountered
Support f) place to work and job retention
g ) Follow-up
rehabilitation counseling
labor market services
What is the service for?
The service is designed based on the complex rehabilitation of existing , improved ability to changed working capacity , labor market integration and employment of promoting .
Who should attend ?
Those with reduced work capacity or mentally ill person who:
    - Rehabilitation receiving benefits ,
    - Disability receiving benefits ,
    - State of health benefit from regular social assistance ,
    - Long-term unemployed ,
    - No work experience .
What is the content of the service ?
This form of counseling opportunities associated with the customer's existing capabilities , and changing working belonging adjusted to take account of occupational rehabilitation , and any benefits , services , training events provide information to stakeholders to facilitate the attainment of the world of work integration.
What activity is made up of the service ?
To provide information on a) Data collection and basic information
b) Personal interview, the first interview
c) Advice relevant to the client rehabilitation and other labor market opportunities of access to services
d ) Proposal for a rehabilitation plan
e) Follow-up
For more information, contact :
5000 Szolnok, József A. u. 83 " C"


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